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Steel round bar

Round bars are mainly used to manufacture mechine parts and seamless steel pipes.Xinsteel offered two kinds round bars,mild steel round bar and alloy steel round bar.Carbon steel bar is defined as such, when no minimum chemical content is specified for aluminum, chromium, cobalt, columbium, molybdenum, nickel, titanium, tungsten, vanadium, or zirconium, or any other element added to obtain a desired alloying effect. Alloy steel round bar has the ability to increase a steel's hardenability and mechanical properties through heat treatments and alloy elements.
Technique:: Hot rolled,Cold drawn,Forged
Diameters: 5.5mm-250mm
Length: 6000mm-12000mm
Steel Standard: EN,JIS G4051,DIN,ASTM,SAE,AISI
Main Grades: A36,SS400,Q235B,S235JR,S45C,S55C,1045,42CrMo4

All Steel Grades Chart for Round bar:

Mild steel round bar A36,SS400,S235JR,A283GrC,ST37-2,Q235B,Q345B,A572Gr50,AISI 1005,AISI 1006,AISI 1008,
AISI 1010,AISI 1011,AISI 1012,AISI 1013,AISI 1015,AISI 1016,AISI 1017,AISI 1018,AISI 1019,
AISI 1020,AISI 1021,AISI 1022,AISI 1023,AISI 1025,AISI 1026,AISI 1029,AISI 1030,AISI 1035,
AISI 1037,AISI 1038,AISI 1038H,AISI 1039,AISI 1040,AISI 1042,AISI 1043,AISI 1044,AISI 1045,
AISI 1045H,AISI 1046,AISI 1049,AISI 1050,AISI 1052,AISI 1053,AISI 1055,S10C,S12C,S15C,
S17C,S20C,S22C,S25C,S28C,S30C, S33C,S35C,S38C,S40C,S43C,S45C,S48C,S50C,S53C,
Alloy steel round bar 42CrMo4,SCM440,4140,G4140,42CrMo,P20,P20+NI,P20+S,420SS,P21,L6,H13,H11,D2,D3,
Cr8Mo2SiV,9CrWMn,SUP 6,SUP 7,SUP 9,SUP 10,60SiCr7,55Cr3,50CrV4

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